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About Our Practice

Dr. Grace Johnstone founded Hardwick Chiropractic in 1993. Originally located in Hardwick, Vermont, the practice quickly outgrew its space and relocated to the old yellow schoolhouse building on Rt. 16 in East Hardwick. Old blackboards still line the walls inside and people are welcome to share their favorite quote or meaningful thoughts to help inspire others.

The practitioners at Hardwick Chiropractic strive to develop personal relationships with their patients.

Dr. Grace Johnstone graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic. She practiced Network Chiropractic for years, receiving Level III certification in 1999.  Dr. Johnstone continues to refine and explore her work through Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI). As an instructor with BGI Seminars, Grace teaches this work to chiropractors around the world.

Rick Eschholz, DC graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. Rick enjoys writing and speaking about wellness and personal growth. He is continually exploring new developments in chiropractic through his work with Bio-Geometric Integration.

Dr. Madelyn Rauch graduated from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is skilled in a number of chiropractic and osteopathic techniques including Bio-Geometric Integration, the approach used by the doctors at Hardwick Chiropractic. Madi  is a certified American Veterinary Chiropractic doctor. She believes that everyone who walks this earth, whether it be on two legs or four, deserves to have an optimally functioning nervous system.

We believe that wellness care and chiropractic care go hand-in-hand, and nowhere do they go together better than at Hardwick Chiropractic. Please join us.

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