Doctor Joins Hardwick Chiropractic

Hardwick Chiropractic is pleased to announce that Dr. Allison Bogan has joined the practice. Dr. Bogan graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in California. As the recipient of the Life Chiropractic College Clinical Excellence Award, Dr. Bogan offers heartfelt insight and sincere dedication to helping people figure out the source of their body’s symptoms and find effective ways of regaining their health. She is currently accepting new patients at Hardwick Chiropractic.

With Dr. Bogan’s advanced training in Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI), she assists people in finding and feeling a greater freedom in their bodies and thus finding greater health and flexibility in their lives. Hardwick Chiropractic’s founder, Dr. Grace Johnstone shares, “Allison’s background in BGI and Network chiropractic make her a perfect fit for our office. We have been working together for several weeks now, and she has been very well received by our established patients.” Dr. Bogan believes optimum health and vitality in both body and mind are achievable for everyone at any age.

Dr. Johnstone founded Hardwick Chiropractic 19 years ago. Presently, the practice serves patients mostly from central and northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire. Doctors at Hardwick Chiropractic use a gentle, low velocity approach called Bio-Geometric Integration. Learn more at or call 472-3033 to schedule a visit.

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