Dr. Eschholz Participates in Bio-Geometric Integration Seminar

Dr. Rick Eschholz of Hardwick Chiropractic recently attended a four-day seminar to further his knowledge and use of Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI). Created and developed by seminar leader Dr. Sue Brown, BGI was chosen as one of ten great chiropractic approaches in American Chiropractic magazine. BGI is a chiropractic approach that recognizes the innate geometry of the body and the self-referencing ability of the body/mind.

The seminar, BGI III, allowed participating chiropractors to explore the complex nature of the geometry and bio-dynamics of the body. BGI III delved deeply into the holographic nature of the body and investigated fractals on a macroscopic and microscopic scale. Dr. Eschholz said of the seminar, “I appreciate how the BGI approach continues to evolve. As a health care provider, I enjoy helping practice members reach their next level of health and ease. I’m excited to learn and apply these latest refinements in our office.”

The BGI approach understands the primary importance of the body’s soft tissue, including the joint tissue, tendons, ligaments, discs, the covering of the brain and nerves, and the fascial and connective tissue that gives muscles and organs their structure and support. Low-force chiropractic and osteopathic techniques address both acute symptoms and chronic issues because these connective tissues respond well to a gentle, low-force adjustment.

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