Dr. Johnstone Attends Seminar in Ayr, Scotland

Dr. Grace Johnstone attended a seminar in Ayr, Scotland, from 26 through 28 September 2012. The program, entitled “New Manual Articular Approach for the Lower Extremity” (MALE), was developed by French Osteopaths Jean-Pierre Barral and Alain Croibier.

This approach is a soft, hands-on manual therapy centered on the joints of the lower extremity and the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels that relate to them. All of the body’s systems are interconnected, and when there is dysfunction in one tissue, other areas are often negatively impacted.

By assessing the interactions of the joints within the body we can help restore proper function. Dr. Johnstone indicated “This approach is important, as it works with the connective tissue and bones of the joints as well as their nerve and blood supply, and then relates these to proprioceptive and postural reflexes, so that brain patterning can also change. All of these aspects are important in restoring pelvic and lower limb function.

Dr. Johnstone founded Hardwick Chiropractic 19 years ago. Presently, the practice serves patients from central and northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire. Doctors at Hardwick Chiropractic use a gentle, low velocity approach called Bio-Geometric Integration.

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