Dr. Johnstone Participates in Lower Extremity Neural Manipulation Seminar

In May, Dr. Grace Johnstone of Hardwick Chiropractic participated in a three day seminar focusing on peripheral nerve manipulation of the lower body. The neural manipulation curriculum is developed by French Osteopaths Jean-Pierre Barral and Alain Crobier, and presented by the Barral Institute, a health resource center that presents continuing education courses to healthcare professionals worldwide.

This seminar explored evaluation and treatment techniques to facilitate normal functioning of the peripheral nerves of the lower body. The course focused on the anatomy and function of the peripheral nerves in the lower body as well as typical pain patterns that arise from dysfunction of these peripheral nerves. Numerous methods for releasing restrictions along nerve pathways were identified and participants integrated these methods into treatment sessions.

According to Dr. Johnstone, “This work fits beautifully with what we do at our office, and it allows us to offer new techniques to help people recover from nerve related trauma and lower back and sacral injuries”. Neural manipulation is a manual therapy in which gentle, specifically directed pressures encourage normal mobility and tone of the nervous system and surrounding connective tissue. Releasing local nerve restrictions in the lower body often resolves more comprehensive dysfunctional patterns throughout the body, as well as addressing such issues as sciatica, hip and knee pain, vulvodynia, and Morton’s Neuralgia.

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